Ok, we are sorry - this is not a forex site. Although, we know that a lot of forex interested people also would like to play poker. This site is offering you a $8 bankroll for free. We could not resist to expose this promotion.

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And the story continues. Forex no deposit made another partnership with Tradefort. They will give new customers $5 to trade for free. The best part of the deal is that making an account is about 3 minutes work and you can start trade away!

How to claim this bonus? Well that is too easy. Just register at Tradefort and you are just a few minutes away of a new account funded with $5.

Why do we promote no deposit possibilites for the Forex market? And how can those companies offer those no deposit bonus? To answer those questions we first have to give you a little insight into the bigger picture.

For the most people Forex is like a casino. They feel like Forex is gambling. This is why a lot of companies offer a no deposit bonus to their new clients. They think a certain amount of people will lose their bonus and start depositing a new amount to cover their "losses". But they forgot there were not any losses at all. The money was totally free and their was no risk involved. Also sites earn money when a lot of trades are being made. So the people who don't loose their money but do make a lot of trades also are good for the companies. The only group of people who are not interesting for Forex companies are people who loose their no deposit quick (within 1 or 2 trades), and never return at all.

So when you start trading Forex like a business it's so much easier to make money. Don't let the 'gambler' inside you affect your trading. Just act like a real trader on the stockmarket. Follow the news, be inspired by other traders, try to dig as much as information needed to make the most wise decisions.

Our website have a relative high percentage of traders who are successful on their first no deposit bonus. We really hope you will be successful too and make a nice fortune without depositing any money yourself.

Are you new to the Forex Market? Want to know what Forex actually is? We will give you a short description about the meaning of Forex.

Forex actually means Foreign Exchange but this term is actually a little out-dated. Forex nowadays is more than that. Forex is a new way of trading. Forex is trading so quick and fast, so easy and addicting, Forex is 'trading with stocks' like you are playing a game.

So this all sounds like a lot of fun, but be careful. Forex is not a game. It's trading.You always have to keep in mind that you can win a lot, but you also can loose a lot. Because in Forex it is allowed to use leverage, you can win a lot of money in a very short period with a very low investment.
Leverage can be used to buy stocks. Let's say the leverage is 1:100. Now you are able to buy stocks (or indices, commodities, etc) with a leverage of 100 times your investment. Let's say you have $100 in your account. Now you are able to buy $100 x 100 = $10.000 in shares.

What does this mean? Well, it means there is much more risk involved than to normal trading. When your shares were worth $10.00 - and you bought through this leverage ($10.000 to spend) 1000 stocks. You will get immediately profit of $1000 dollar if the prize of the share increased with $1. Now that's a fantastic result with only $100 of your own money 'at stake'. But why would be this so big if there would be not so much risk? We are honest - there is a lot of risk. Because when the prize of the $10.00 share will decrease by 10 cents - you will loose your full investment of $100. This is because of the leverage. So you can win enormous amounts of money, but the stock-development has to be in the right 'movement'. Of course you can also predict to go 'short' (if you think value of the stocks will drop).

There is one big relief. You can never loose more than you have available in your account. After all we think it's fair to say; Forex is pretty risky - but you can earn big amounts of money in short time.

We don't want you to invest a lot of money. We actually made this site to show you that you can start with Forex without depositing any money. This site has become a specialist in  no deposit bonusses where you can start trading without ever depositing a single dollar.

At this moment we do have a no deposit bonus at RoboForex and another nodeposit bonus at Plus500. In the near future other companies will follow.

And yet another website joining our concept! Roboforex has started with the no deposit bonuses as wel. You can just easy create a new account and start trading with $15 real money in your new account.

So let's get started in only 1 simple step.

Step 1.

Yes we have fixed it! Again. No Deposit bonus at Plus500. If you sign up right now you will immediately get 35 euro's to start trading without the purpose to deposit.

It's so easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1.
Download the software and install it. (Save File, Run)
Step 2.
After you have installed the software click on "New User". Fill in your details and your password you want to use and you are ready to start trading with this forex nodeposit bonus.
Step 3.
To claim your free 35 euro's just click in the upper right corner of the software on "verify your details". You will be called to verify you are a real person! Now you are ready to make money without depositing any of yourself!

Okay, this is not the biggest no deposit bonus on our site but don't be disappointed about that. The software FBS is using is great, the interface of the website - the possibilities to clear the bonuses, almost everything is so easy and smoothy on this website that you are a fool if you don't open an account with this broker.

Another partnership has been settled. Forex Metal also launches the $20 nodeposit bonus for you. Find out how you can easily get this signup bonus and start trading right away!

How to get the Forex Metal no deposit $20 signup bonus?

Step 1. Upon opening of the account and provision copies of ID documents as maybe required, a customer receives a $20 “no deposit” bonus.

Step 2. The customer can make trades immediately after the bonus is credited into the account using the 1:200 trading leverage. All bonus accounts are “no swap” accounts.

Step 3. Funds maybe withdrawn from the account providing that the customer completed a minimum 2 lots worth of trades during 2 calendar weeks from the time of receiving the bonus. No funds related to the no deposit bonus could be withdrawn from the account before the trading conditions are completed. When the trading requirement of 2 lots has been completed, the trader must either stop trading and withdraw the funds from the account (except the $20 bonus) or make an additional deposit of no less than the equity in the account to continue trading. This additional deposit will be eligible for a first deposit bonus of 30% or maximum $3000.